Since 1977, SMCR has held biennial conferences which feature presentations about all aspects of the menstrual cycle, including those that involve research, theory, public policy, health care, clinical applications, art and activism related to physiological,sociocultural, psychological, or cross-cultural aspects of the menstrual cycle.

Submissions are welcome from physicians, nurses, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, women’s and gender studies scholars, communications studies scholars, artists, literary and cultural critics, health educators, and menstrual activists. Conference themes vary depending on our conference coordinators’ interests and local resources.


JUNE 22-24

The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research


2017 Conference


Menstrual Health: Research, Representation and Re-Education


Opening Reception and Poster Session:
Thursday June 22, 2017 6-8PM
On-site registration will begin at 4PM on June 22



Plenary Sessions, Presentations, Panels, Workshops:
Friday and Saturday, June 23-24, 2017


Kennesaw State University
 (just outside of Atlanta, GA, USA)

The 2017 conference is a celebration of SMCR’s 40th anniversary

We are excited to announce that the 2017 SMCR Conference will be held on Friday and Saturday, June 22-24, 2017 at Kennesaw State University, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  

The theme for this year’s conference is “Menstrual Health: Research, Representation and Re-Education”  

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2017 Conference Program at a Glance
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Current research will highlight the following four topics:

• Period Politics, Policy, and Activism


• Cycling Across Borders: Translational Conversations


• The Menstrual Experiences of Underserved Individuals


• Menstrual Education: Based on Fact or Fiction?

(Details about the topics mentioned above can be found in Submission Guidelines.) Submissions are Closed

For more information about the 2017 SMCR conference please contact Evelina Sterling at

For information about the conference program please contact Peggy Stubbs at


During the 2017 SMCR conference, we hope to be able to provide an opportunity for people to review your “best practices.”  We plan to dedicate some time at the conference to discussing these ideas and ways to improve menstrual education.

Volunteer with us!

Please sign up at the link below and our Conference Chair Evelina Sterling will be in touch.

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Past Conferences

2015 Conference:

Menstrual Health and Reproductive Justice: Human Rights Across the Life Span




The 2015 Menstrual Health and Reproductive Justice Conference, June 4-6, was the largest in SMCR history! More than 200 people from 26 countries participated in a memorable multidisciplinary, international array of panels, presentations, and events. A more detailed conference report is forthcoming in The Periodical, the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Newsletter.

Those who missed the conference and would like to learn more about individual sessions can view the complete conference program here (with undying gratitude to Jax Gonzalez). We encourage you to contact individual scholars for more information about their work.

Selected highlights from the Poetry Open Mic and Raffle have been posted throughout the summer at SMCR’s blog, Menstruation Matters.

Thanks to our sponsors and conference organizers.

2013 Conference:

Making Menstruation Matter

The New York conference featured 24 panels, workshops, and paper sessions; 17 poster presentations; two plenary sessions; two artist displays; and a keynote address by Jane Ussher.

The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research also hosted our first poetry slam, Red Moon Howl, emceed by Karina Billini. It was initially thought to be the world’s first, or at least the first in North America, but the New York City planners were quickly corrected by our Canadian colleagues.

At our 20th biennial meeting in New York, at Marymount Manhattan College, the first “Making Menstruation Matter” award was bestowed on Gloria Steinem, author of the classic piece, “If Men Could Menstruate.” Ms. Steinem not only received an award and delivered an address at the conference, she autographed a menstrual pad for S.H.E. (Sustainable Health Enterprises)

Chella Quint, comedian, artist, teacher, zinestress, poet, jill of trades, presented Adventures in Menstruating: This Time It’s Personal after the Saturday luncheon. We learned almost as much as her grade 8 students.

2011 Conference:

Embodied Consciousness, Informed Choices

Archived Video Streams of 2011 Conference @ Chatham University


Friday morning, June 3

In 2011, meetings of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research were available on live video feed. Those videos have been archived, and can now be viewed here. The videos are divided over three pages for faster downloading; this page contains presentations from the morning of Friday, June 3.

To locate particular presentations or speakers, or to identify the speakers in the videos, the conference program is available as a PDF file.

Friday, June 3, Eddy Theatre 06:59 AM

Friday, June 3, Woodland 08:11AM

Friday, June 3, Sanger, 10:30 AM

Friday, June 3, Eddy Theatre 06:30 AM

Friday, June 3,Woodland 08:49 AM

Conference Publications

Articles from past conferences appear in the following journals:

Conference papers have also been published in the following edited books:

1980 The Menstrual Cycle, Volume I: A Synthesis of Interdisciplinary Research edited by Alice J. Dan, Effie A. Graham & Carol P. Beecher

1980 The Menstrual Cycle, Volume II: Research and Implications for Women’s Health edited by Pauline Komnenich, S.N. Elder, M. McSweeney & J.A. Novak

1982 Changing Perspectives on Menopause edited by Ann M. Voda, Myra Dinnerstein & Sheryl R. O’Donnell

1983 Menarche: The Transition from Girl to Woman edited by Sharon Golub

1986 Culture, Society and Menstruation edited by Virginia L. Oleson and Nancy Fugate Woods 1986

1991 Menstruation, Health and Illness edited by Diana L. Taylor and Nancy Fugate Woods 

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