Working Mothers

Working Mothers

“Working Mother and Son” Photo by Russell Chopping // Creative Commons 2.0 Research is often reported as though it is news, as though the most recent article is the best and research that was not published this year is somehow not as interesting or is out-of-date. I recently dug out some articles I wrote about the psychology of working...


I recently had the opportunity to present a talk at something called Ignite Baltimore. Scheduled a few times a year, Ignite has proven to be extremely popular. I discovered that not only had the event sold out, but people arrived early for a pre-event reception in a sprawling lobby filled with animated people conversing. The format is this: Sixteen speakers...
The Eternal Feminine:  Focused, Goal-Oriented, Practical, and Loving

The Eternal Feminine: Focused, Goal-Oriented, Practical, and Loving

Visiting colleges became part of our repertoire of family trips back when my daughter was a senior in high school.   We visited many schools to get a sense of the range of possibilities that existed.   As was typical, Vassar offered a tour of the campus for groups of prospective students and their parents, led by tour-guides who were undergraduate students. ...
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