Occupy Your Period

The Occupy movement is about equality. Its primary aim is to create a more just world economically, but socially, too, for economic justice and social justice are inextricably linked. The specific focus of each local group may be somewhat different, but Occupiers share a distrust of corporations and financial institutions and concern for erosion of democracy. Globally, this movement...
Getting Cozy with Tampon Cozies

Getting Cozy with Tampon Cozies

Guest post by Michael Yazujian — Marymount Manhattan College Photo by Caitlin Weigel (used with permission) Caitlin Weigel knits and sells tampon cozies on her Etsy site, a website where people can sell crafts that they make. These cozies are perfect for women who are trying to avoid humiliation who are also fans of squids (and probably other tampon...
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