“A Bleeding Shame” on BBC Radio 4 tackles period taboos

“Being period positive means you understand how the menstrual cycle works, and if you have one, you can chart your own cycle. You aren’t afraid to ask questions about menstruation. It’s not being afraid to leak and not picking on people if they happen to leak during their periods.” SMCR member and Period Positive founder Chella Quint was interviewed recently...

Shameless. Or, How To Make An Ethical Femcare Ad.

Guest Post by Chella Quint, Adventures in Menstruating I saw a femcare ad that I actually liked. I know, right? I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’m kidding. I’m exactly the same person. It’s the ad that’s different. Now. I don’t promote individual femcare companies. I do ad analysis. As long as femcare adverts remain the loudest voice...
Adventures in Menstruating cycles through New York

Adventures in Menstruating cycles through New York

Sarah Thomasin at Bluestockings Last Sunday evening, at the Lower East Side bookstore (and feminist Mecca) Bluestockings, Chella Quint attempted to begin her 5th installment of a performance built from her zine Adventures in Menstruating. However this piece, Here’s The Science Bit, was quite rudely interrupted by Mother Nature, in tweed, presenting a pink and red wrapped box....
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