Obvious Child: The Other Taboo

Obvious Child: The Other Taboo

 The recently released rom-com ‘Obvious Child’ has been discussed far and wide for its mature, sensitive and funny approach to the topic of abortion and yet I have not seen one comment on the fact that this movie also makes mainstream (and yes, funny) the topic of cervical mucus. In the opening scene stand-up comedian Donna (played by real-life comedian...

The Many Faces of Cervical Fluid

Guest Post by Kati Bicknell, Kindara It has been brought to my attention several times that not all women’s cervical fluid matches the usual descriptions of sticky, creamy, egg white, or watery. This means some women are having a hard time charting their fertility, because they don’t know how to categorize their cervical fluid for their chart. So today I’ll...

Five Things You Should Know About the Three Vs

Guest post by Kati Bicknell, Kindara Now I know in the title of this post I say “Five things you probably don’t know about your vagina,” but really it’s about more than your vagina. The V Book, by Elizabeth Gunther Stewart and Paula Spencer, is basically the owner’s manual for all people who have any of the following V’s...
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