Conference History

ResearchConference History

History of Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Meetings

1977 Chicago, Illinois An Interdisciplinary Conference on Menstrual Cycle Research Alice Dan & Effie Graham, Coordinators
1978 St. Louis, Missouri The Menstrual Cycle: A Life Event Pauline Komnenich, Coordinator
1979 Tucson, Arizona Interdisciplinary Research Conference on Menopause Ann M. Voda & Myra Dinnerstein, Coordinators
1981 New Rochelle, New York Menarche: An Interdisciplinary Research Conference Sharon Golub, Coordinator
1983 San Francisco, California Socio-Cultural Issues in Menstrual Cycle Research Nancy Fugate Woods & Virginia Oleson, Coordinators
1985 Galveston, Texas Menstruation: Clinical Applications and Sociocultural Implications Judith Abplanalp, Coordinator
1987 Ann Arbor, Michigan Sexuality and the Menstrual Cycle: Clinical and Sociocultural Implications Nancy Reame, Coordinator
1989 Salt Lake City, Utah Menopause, Premenstrual Syndrome, Menstruation: Clinical and Sociocultural Implications Ann M. Voda & Rosemary Conover, Coordinators
1991 Seattle, Washington Mind-Body Rhythmicity: A Menstrual Cycle Perspective Nancy Fugate Woods, Coordinator
1993 Boston, Massachusetts Building a Science of Menstruation Based on Women’s Experiences Kathleen Hubbs Ulman & Daryl Costos, Coordinators
1995 Montréal, Quebec, Canada Broadening Our Vision: Class and Cultural Issues in Women’s Health Janine O’Leary Cobb, Coordinator
1997 Chicago, Illinois Looking Forward, Looking Back. The Place of Women’s Everyday Lives in Health Research. 20th Anniversary Conference Alice Dan, Coordinator
1999 Tucson, Arizona Cycling Towards the Millennium: Interdisciplinary Research on Women’s Health Judith Berg, Coordinator
2001 Avon, Connecticut A Menstrual Cycle, A Life Cycle: Women’s Reproductive Health Across the Life Cycle Joan Chrisler, Coordinator
2003 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Going with the Flow: Mapping the Course of Menstrual Experience Susan Cohen, Phyllis Mansfield & Peggy Stubbs, Coordinators
2005 Boulder, Colorado Menstruation: The Fifth Vital Sign Tracy Quinn, Coordinator
2007 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Ovulation: The Bellwether of Women’s Well-being Jerilynn Prior, Coordinator
2009 Spokane, Washington Menstrual Moments: Media Messages about Menstruation / 30th Anniversary Meeting Elizabeth Kissling & Heather Robinson, Coordinators
2011 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Embodied Consciousness, Informed Choices: Critical Perspectives On the Menstrual Cycle Peggy Stubbs, Coordinator
2013 New York, New York Making Menstruation Matter /20th Biennial Meeting David Linton, Coordinator
2015 Boston, Massachusetts Menstrual Health and Reproductive Justice: Human Rights across the Lifespan Chris Bobel & Amy Agigian, Coordinators

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