2013 Conference Papers

2013 Conference Highlights

At our 20th biennial meeting in New York, at Marymount Manhattan College, the first “Making Menstruation Matter” award was bestowed on Gloria Steinem, author of the classic piece, “If Men Could Menstruate.” Ms. Steinem not only received an award and delivered an address at the conference, she autographed a menstrual pad for S.H.E. (Sustainable Health Enterprises).

Gloria Steinem signs autographs at SMCR 2013

Poster by Diana Alvarez

The New York conference featured 24 panels, workshops, and paper sessions; 17 poster presentations; two plenary sessions; two artist displays; and a keynote address by Jane Ussher.

The lovely and talented Karina Billini at the mic

The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research also hosted our first poetry slam, Red Moon Howl, emceed by Karina Billini. It was initially thought to be the world’s first, or at least the first in North America, but the New York City planners were quickly corrected by our Canadian colleagues.
Chella Quint, comedian, artist, teacher, zinestress, poet, jill of trades, presented Adventures in Menstruating: This Time It’s Personal after the Saturday luncheon. We learned almost as much as her grade 8 students.  

All photographs on this page by Elizabeth A. Kissling, ©2013.

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