2011 Conference Proceedings

Archived Video Streams of 2011 Conference @ Chatham University

Friday morning, June 3

In 2011, meetings of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research were available on live video feed. Those videos have been archived, and can now be viewed here. The videos are divided over three pages for faster downloading; this page contains presentations from the morning of Friday, June 3; afternoon presentations are here, and presentations from Saturday, June 4, are available here.

To locate particular presentations or speakers, or to identify the speakers in the videos, the conference program is available as a PDF file.

Friday, June 3, Eddy Theatre 06:59 AM

Friday, June 3, Eddy Theatre 06:30 AM

Friday, June 3, Woodland 08:11AM

Friday, June 3,Woodland 08:49 AM

Friday, June 3, Sanger, 10:30 AM

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