2007 Conference Papers

Research2007 Conference Papers

Selected papers from the 2007 meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, were published in the August, 2008, issue of Health Care for Women International (Volume 29, Issue 7), guest-edited by Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield and Peggy Stubbs:

  • From Convenience to Hazard: A Short History of the Emergence of the Menstrual Activism Movement, 1971-1992, Chris Bobel
  • Update on Hormones, Menopause, and Heart Disease: Evaluating Professional Responses to the Women’s Health Initiative, Paula S. Derry, Ph.D.
  • Talking “Among Us”: How Women from Different Racial-Ethnic Groups Define and Discuss Menopause, Heather Dillaway, Mary Byrnes, Sara Miller, MA, Sonica Rehan
  • Elements of the Menstrual Suppression Debate, Christine L. Hitchcock
  • Stereotypes of Women in Different Stages of their Reproductive Life: Data from Mexico and U.S., Ma. Luisa Marván, Martha Islas, Laura Vela, Joan C. Chrisler, Elyse A. Warren
  • Young Women’s Attitudes toward Continuous Use of Oral Contraceptives: The Effect of Priming Positive Attitudes toward Menstruation on Women’s Willingness to Suppress Menstruation, Jennifer Gorman Rose, Joan C. Chrisler, Samantha Couture
  • Menopausal Women’s Perceived Causes of Hot Flash, Margaret L. Stubbs, Susan M. Cohen, Feridey Carr.
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