2005 Conference Papers

Research2005 Conference Papers

Articles from the 2005 conference in Boulder appeared in Women and Health, 46(1) 2007, guest-edited by Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield and Peggy Stubbs

  • Attitudes Toward Menarche Among Mexican Preadolescents, Ma. Luisa Marván , Angeles Vacio, Gabriela García-Yáñez, and Graciela Espinosa-Hernádez
  • Reproductive Shame: Self-objectification and Young Women’s Attitudes Toward Their Reproductive Functioning, Ingrid Johnston-Robledo, Kristin Sheffield, Jacqueline Voigt, and Jennifer Wilcox-Constantine
  • Is My Period Normal? How College-aged Women Determine the Normality or Abnormality of Their Menstrual Cycles, Jill M. Wood, Patricia Barthalow Koch, Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield
  • “Nobody Told Me Nothin”: Communication About Menstruation Among Low-income African American Women, Spring Cooper and Patricia Barthalow Koch
  • “Am I Similar to My Mother?” How Women Make Sense of Menopause Using Family Background, Heather E. Dillaway
  • Men in Menstrual Product Advertising –1920-1949, David Linton
  • The Experience of Chronic Illness in Women: A Comparison Between Women with Endometriosis and Women with Chronic Migraine Headaches, Jessica L. Barnack and Joan C. Chrisler
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