2003 Conference Papers

Research2003 Conference Papers

2003 Conference Papers

Articles from the 2003 Conference appear in the following three journals:

Women’s Health Issues, Volume 14, Number 6, November/December 2004
Guest edited by Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield and Margaret L. Stubbs.

  • Tracking the Course of the Menstrual Life: Contributions from the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. (pp.174-176), Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield and Margaret L. Stubbs
  • Early Puberty in Girls: The Case of Premature Adrenarche. (pp.177-183), Lorah D. Dorn and Deborah Rotenstein
  • Seasonal Rhythms of Menarche in the United States: Correlates to Menarcheal Age, Birth Age, and Birth Month. (pp.184-192), Robert L. Matchock, Elizabeth J Susman, and Frederick M. Brown
  • Menstruation Across Time: Menarche, Menstrual Attitudes, Experiences, and Behaviors. (pp. 193-200), Marianne E. MacPherson and Lauren Korfine
  • Evidence about Extending the Duration of Oral Contraceptive Use to Suppress Menstruation. (pp. 201-211), Christine L. Hitchcock and Jerilynn C. Prior
  • Hormones, Menopause, and Heart Disease: Making Sense of the Women’s Health Initiative. (pp. 212-219), Paula S. Derry
  • Staging the Menopausal Transition: Data from the TREMIN Research Program on Women’s Health. (pp. 220-226), Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield, Molly Carey, Amy Anderson, Susannah Heyer Barsom, and Patricia Barthalow Koch
  • Demographic Characteristics, Menopausal Status, and Depression in Midlife Immigrant Women. (pp. 227-234), Arlene Michaels Miller, Olga Sorokin, JoEllen Wilbur, and Peggy L. Chandler
  • Association Between Psychological Stress and Menstrual Cycle Characteristics in Perimenopausal Women. (pp.235-241), Susannah Heyer Barsom, Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield, Patricia Barthalow Koch, Gretchen Gierach, and Sheila G. West
  • Validating a Pencil-and-Paper Measure of Perimenopausal Blood Loss. (pp. 242-247), Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield, Ann Voda, and Gary Allison

NWSA Journal, Volume 16, Number 3, Fall 2004.
Cluster on Menstrual Cycle Research. Guest edited by Margaret L. Stubbs and Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield.

  • The Menstrual Cycle: Feminist Analyses from the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. (pp. 42-44),  Margaret L. Stubbs and Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield
  • What Have We Learned? An Historical View of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. (pp. 45-55), Alice J. Dan
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): Getting to the Heart of the Politics of Women’s Health. (pp.56-69), Nancy Worcester
  • Online Data Collection in Women’s Health Research: A Study of Perimenopausal Women and Migraines. (pp. 70-92), Margaret F. Moloney, Ora L. Strickland, Alexa Dietrich, and Stuart Myerburg

Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, Volume 54, Numbers 5 and 6, March 2006. Guest edited by Margaret L. Stubbs and Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield

  • Our Menses, Ourselves: Research and Commentary from The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, (pp. 311-313), Margaret L. Stubbs and Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield
  • Early Menarche: A Review of Research on Trends in Timing, Racial Differences, Etiology and Psychosocial Consequences, (pp. 315-322), Rachel Blumstein Posner
  • Emotional Reactions to Menarche Among Mexican Women of Different Generations, (pp. 323-330), Maria Luisa Marván, Claudia Morales, and Sandra Cortés-Iniestra
  • “Our Revolution Has Style”: Contemporary Menstrual Product Activists “Doing Feminism” in the Third Wave, (pp. 331-345), Chris Bobel
  • Camillagate: Prince Charles and the Tampon Scandal, (pp. 347-351) , David Linton
  • “Kiss Your Period Good-Bye”: Menstrual Suppression in the Popular Press, (pp. 353-360), Ingrid Johnston-Robledo, Jessica Barnack, and Stephanie Wares
  • What Do Women Want? A New View of Women’s Sexual Problems, (pp. 361-369), Maureen C. McHugh
  • The PMS Illusion: Social Cognition Maintains Social Construction, (pp. 371-376) Joan C. Chrisler, Jennifer Gorman Rose, Susan E. Dutch, Katherine G. Sklarsky, and Marie C. Grant
  • From “It’s All in Your Head ” to “Taking Back the Month”: Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Research and the Contributions of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, (pp. 377-391), Diana Taylor
  • A Lifespan Biological Model of Menopause, (pp. 393-399), Paula S. Derry
  • Fallout from the Women’s Health Study: A Short-lived Vindication for Feminists and the Resurrection of Hormone Therapies, (pp. 401-411), Ann M. Voda and Carol A. Ashton
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