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Save the Date! The Next Great Menstrual Health Con

June 16th, 2014 by Chris Bobel

We’re back!

July 27th, 2011 by Elizabeth Kissling

Tap, tap.

Is this thing working? Is this thing on?

After some rest, reconnaissance, and re-organization, re:Cycling is back — bigger, bolder, and with more menstruation and women’s health news than ever. Most of our old team is back, along with a few new recruits and some exciting guest bloggers. There’ll be some new features here as well. More about all of that is coming soon. Our posting will be spotty and irregular throughout August, but expect to see a more consistent, regular flow after September 1. (Yeah, see what I did there? )

We’ve missed a lot of action in four months away. We can’t possibly summarize all of it, but here are some of my personal highlights:


July 19 – The Institute of Medicine (U.S.)  just released a report on preventive health services for women, and the consensus is that health plans under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 should cover contraception without demanding co-payments. You can read and/or download the full report here.


July 18 – Remember Summer’s Eve marketing disaster last summer? They still don’t get it. This year’s “Hail to the V” campaign may be saluting vaginas, but it’s still telling everyone vaginas are dirty.

As Maya put it over at,

That chatty hand claims to be my vagina but is clearly an impostor, because my vagina would never refer to herself as a “vertical smile,” knows better than to even mention vajazzaling to me, and is too busy complaining about how long it’s been since she’s gotten laid to give a damn about if my cleansing wash is PH-balanced. My vagina is not a whiny little pussy.

If you’re not offended enough, check out the stereotypes in the Black and Latina vaginas. For a satisfying satirical response, check out Stephen Colbert’s July 25 program.


July 13 – Bloggers at Ms. magazine have done yeoman work drawing attention to the sexism in the latest PSA from the milk industry, criticizing the sexism toward both women and men in the Milk Board’s stereotype-rich “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign about PMS. Ms. has also promoted’s petition protesting the campaign. Update: By July 24, the campaign had been pulled in response to protests.

2011 Ad for Always brand maxi padJuly 5 – As copyranter astutely notes, the use of a RED spot in the center of a maxi-pad to represent menstrual blood is an historic moment in advertising history. Are we finally done with the mysterious blue fluid? (By the way, copyranter is THE source for smart, snarky analysis of advertising;  he oughta know — his day job is writing the stuff.)


June 20 – Corporate and subsidized donations of disposable menstrual pads may be good for girls, but not so good for the environment.


June 2 – British artist Tracey Emin  art student at University of Wisconsin, follows in Judy Chicago’s inspirational footsteps and turns her tampons into art.


What else have we missed? Add your links in the comments, and don’t be shy about sending us suggestions!



META: Email subscriptions to re:Cycling

December 8th, 2009 by Elizabeth Kissling

It has come to my attention that there have been some problems with the automated email subscription feature of this site. If you have tried in the past to sign up for email notification of updates to re:Cycling and were unsuccessful, please try again. I think I have the problem fixed.

If you continue to have trouble with it, or if you think you have signed up and aren’t receiving notifications, please let me know.

Lost and Found: Search terms at re:Cycling

November 29th, 2009 by Elizabeth Kissling

As anyone with a blog or website can tell you, the referrer logs are fascinating reading.

When we started re:Cycling, I knew that people looking for menstrual porn would find us. (No, we don’t have any.) But I did not predict the interest in celebrities and their periods. Pictures of Dakota Fanning have been download 58 times from this post. The next most popular download is the ad we mocked in this post.

In addition variations on menstruating celebrities and pR0n, here’s a small sample of creative search words and phrases that have brought people to this site:

  • beutiful viagina
  • are men uncomfortable with menstruation
  • vagina artwork
  • the beautiful vulva
  • euphemisms advertising
  • what is the shelf life of maxi pads
  • Don’t blame PMS men
  • menstrual cycle economics
  • whisper for menstruation
  • authors who wrote about menstruation hygiene

ETA: I should note that with the exception of the creative spelling and “shelf life of maxi pads” (I’m pretty sure they last forever), we’ve written about all of these topics!

Hello, Women’s eNews Readers!

November 18th, 2009 by Elizabeth Kissling

Welcome to all the new readers visiting us for the first time today, via the lovely story about us at Women’s eNews. Please read, peruse our archives, share the site with your friends, and add your comments. It has been our normal practice to close comment threads after ten days to minimize spam, but we’ve re-activated comments throughout the site. We’re eager to have you join our conversation.

Readers should note that statements published in re: Cycling are those of individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Society as a whole.