Winning the Menstrual Battle in the Abortion War

Last week, Loretta Ross, the pioneering women’s health activist, came to Boston for a public lecture.  Ross will keynote at our upcoming “Menstrual Health and Reproductive Justice: Human Rights Across the Lifespan” (What? You didn’t hear?). Hearing her speak tripled my excitement for her keynote in June. I, a serious fangirl, listened intently as she narrated a personal... read more

MOOCs, menstrual cups, and more weekend links

If buying condoms was like getting birth control pills . . . The 20th World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility (COGI) meets in Paris, December 4-7, 2014. This year’s meeting will feature a workshop on the first successful live birth from a uterus transplant. According to a UK study by The Eve Appeal, an charity organization dedicated... read more

Birth control do’s and don’ts and more weekend links

Shakira Andrea Sison recently published this piece at The Rappler about the still-powerful influence of menstrual shame and stigma. Gary Schwitzer at Health News Review takes down the media coverage of the BMJ study titled, “Association of skirt size and postmenopausal breast cancer risk in older women“. Hint: “linked to” does not mean “causes”. Adolescents with disabilities are... read more

Advantages of a menstrual cup and more weekend links

This video delineating seven reasons to use menstrual cups is entertaining, but we’d like to point out that a reusable cup (such as Diva Cup, Moon Cup, Keeper, etc.) will last much longer than ONE year. What goes in eventually comes out somehow. The excreted drugs pass right through most sewage treatment processes and end up in rivers and lakes,... read more

Women Break The Taboo Around Menstruation By Sharing Hilarious Period Reminders

Without endorsing the sites, readers of re:Cycling might be interested/amused by this item from Lauren Braun at BioWink that was received recently by a member of the blog team: Women Break The Taboo Around Menstruation By Sharing Hilarious Period Reminders Menstrual cycles are still a taboo subject, and this discomfort with talking about them results in both misinformation and lack... read more
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