“Go With the Flow” with Tyra

Did anyone happen to see the recent episode of the Tyra Banks show about menstruation? I was traveling when it aired and unable to watch or record it, so I’m curious. Reports are that the invited guests were three photogenic lady doctors who explained the physiology of menstruation and PMS. As Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky said, “It’s... read more
BBF: Best Bones Forever

BBF: Best Bones Forever

Dot Girl™ First Period Products, a retailer of first menstrual period kits for pre-teen girls, announced today that they are partnering with Best Bones Forever!, a national campaign led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health. It’s hard to get cranky about a federal program that seems to consist mostly of PSAs about... read more

Zack at 16

I have been infected by this viral video and I think I feel a little sick. I cannot deny that advertising giant Leo Burnett’s campaign for client Procter & Gamble isn’t darn clever and at times touching (for those who aren’t yet convinced that “Zack at 16” is advertising, see the list of P&G wins at this year’s Cannes Lions... read more

Designer gets his rag on

Furniture designer Andy Kurovets presents this shelf unit that mimics the layers of a maxi pad as it gradually absorbs menstrual fluid. While I don’t find the shelves as objectionable as my source for this bit of news does, they do strike me as a bit impractical. Won’t the wings get in the way? And loading these shelves with books... read more

Menstrual Cycle and Competitive Bidding

This is an interesting study, in a “Whoa! Somebody actually thought to do a study of that” kind of way. And that’s saying something, coming from someone who studies discourses of menstruation. Two economists designed a study to try to demonstrate that women bid differently in auctions depending on the phase of their menstrual cycle. They found that women... read more

EWW! Is That Period Blood?!

It’s been frequently noted (by many writers, not just me) that menstrual blood must remain invisible. So I was quite pleased to stumble upon this lively discussion at Feministe about menstrual blood and why it seems to have a greater squick factor than other blood – or any other bodily fluid, for that matter. Frau Sally Benz started this... read more
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