About this blog

In September 2009, the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research created this weblog to increase the visibility of both SMCR and menstruation research. The blog will address all matters menstrual, at the discretion of its authors. The views expressed are not necessarily those of SMCR, nor even the unanimous views of all blog contributors. Indeed, although we believe in holding writers accountable for their words, we also reserve the right to change our opinions on the basis of new information. We adhere to a vision of academic freedom that is ethical, fair, and responsible. We have named the blog re: Cycling to represent our view of menstruation as more than merely bleeding, but as a cycle within the larger cycle of life. We also chose this name in homage to our late colleague, Randi Koeske, who used this name for the early version of the Society’s newsletter she edited. Randi chose the name as a symbol of multiple meanings; in 1982, she wrote the following statement: One relevant meaning of recycling, for example, is reclaiming: reprocessing waste material to produce something of new value. Certainly, an important purpose of our Society is the reclaiming for women of their own bodies and experiences and the goal of changing women’s lives from “refuse” to something of value. Another relevant meaning of recycling is starting over: passing through a series of changes again or returning to an earlier state. This meaning echoes another commitment of our Society – to begin anew the search for information and explanation of women’s bodies and women’s lives, to reexamine the traditional “truths” and the traditional pathways to...
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