ANNOUNCEMENT:  Menstruation Matters, the blog of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, is taking a break from regular posting. However, the archive remains available to researchers, educators, advocates, and anyone else interested in the menstrual cycle.

Menstruation Matters is a treasure trove of information waiting to be mined. You can search by category, tag, author, or month, or with any word, phrase, or topic you want to read about. Use our archive to learn about past, current, and future researchOr, how the menstrual cycle has been depicted in film, television, literature, advertising, and daily life. Or, how menstrual-health concerns (such as endometriosis) and lived experiences (such as menarche and menopause,) might be better understood. Or, how menstrual activists and artists employ creative means to challenge taboos, ignorance, and restrictions that often surround the cycle.

SMCRPC.BackSince the blog’s founding in 2009 under the banner re:Cycling, and its subsequent name change to Menstruation Matters in May, 2016, SMCR members and guests bloggers have contributed hundreds of posts. Our aim always has been to report, inform, comment, summarize, analyze, and opine on all matters menstrual. The resulting archive offers an unsurpassed depth and range of information and opinion on menstrual-related issues.

Menstruation Matters as Course Material

Film and literature, gender studies, sports, advertising, medical history,menstrual health, politics, social media are just a few of the topics these blog posts sought to illuminate. Many were incorporated into curricula and scholarly research. Some scholars have built the blog’s content into entire units or series of assignments for their college courses. David Linton, Professor Emeritus of Marymount Manhatten College, offers this example:

For over ten years I taught a regular course about the social construction of menstruation and the Menstruation Matters blog became one of the basic texts, our digital course pack. It also became an opportunity for a few students to post original research and interpretations of the menstrual ecology. The range of coverage opened the field as well as the minds of hundreds of students.

Something For Everyone

What’s in it for you? Researchers will find a community of like-minded individuals. Educators will find thoughtful posts to inspire and inform. Advocates and activists will find numerous posts to support or challenge their ideas. Those in the media will find sharp analyses of how the media has covered menstruation over the last decade. In short, if you have any interest in menstruation or the menstrual cycle, this blog archive has something for you.

So, the rich resource of Menstruation Matters is open and available to anyone interested in knowing more about the infinitely varied and complex phenomenon of the menstrual cycle. 

All other SMCR programs and activities are ongoing. 

For information on becoming a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research contact us by email: Subject line: Membership. Or join using the membership form

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