Weaving A Red Web by Giuliana Serena

Weaving A Red Web by Giuliana Serena

A good deal of media exposure has been given to efforts in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Britain to eliminate menstrual product sales taxes and to provide pads and tampons in schools, prisons, and homeless shelters. However, there has been less attention given to such efforts in the non-Western world. To its considerable credit, NPR (National Public Radio) has made an effort to correct that shortcoming with a brief but remarkable story about Stella Nyanzia, a woman in Uganda who has not only become a champion of menstrual product availability but has ended up in jail for doing so.

The story is gripping and dramatic. It captures the essential elements involved in the ongoing fight for gender equity that is captured by the struggle for access to menstrual management that all girls and women deserve.

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