Four soldiers blast menstrual myths surrounding women in the military

SoldiersPeriodTwitterQuestions about women’s “fitness” to engage in a vast array of activities as determined by their menstrual cycles have long been a hotly debated topic. Recently, as the US military establishment–the Pentagon–held formal hearings on the question of whether or not women should be assigned to combat roles in the service the questions was bound to come up. And it did!

After lengthy deliberations, the restrictions barring women from serving in combat settings were lifted, removing yet another barrier to women’s full access to employment in realms formerly open only to men.

In response to the decision, a short film–Soldiers Period–has been produced that captures, in a humorous way, the thoughts of a number of women service veterans on the issue. The film is made by Marcia Rock and Patricia Lee Stotter who also produced the widely seen 2011 documentary Service: When Women Come Marching Home.

Watch Soldiers Period, a five-minute film, on Vimeo:

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