Is it my imagination or has there been a flood of menstrual references across the blogosphere lately? From fake Russian ads with menses hunting sharks to singers faking leaks on stage to TV sit-com jokes and vodka bottles disguised as tampons it seems that the number of open references to the cycle has hit a tipping point. And though many of the references fall far short of enlightened or positive, the fact that the menstrual closet seems to be wide open might be a sign of greater acceptance of basic biology.

But, sadly, the menstrual product industry continues to disappoint, as a recent ad for U by Kotex demonstrates. The attempt is to broaden the sales of their panty liner by convincing women that not only their menstrual fluid needs to be kept hidden but so does their perspiration, especially if originates in the same part of the body. But almost immediately a response to the ad, by a man, no less, appeared that amounts to a take down of the offending promotion.

Take a look at the ad as well as the response on the ever-reliable BUST web site.

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