With apologies to the Harpers Index, we present you with a snapshot of the upcoming 20th Biennial Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Conference held at Manhattan Marymount College, June 6-8, 2013.


Number of presenters on the program: 125


Number of these that are students: 32


Activists, artists, and clinicians: 32


That are Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist pioneer: 1


Number of Google hits for her iconic essay “If Men Could Menstruate”: 8,980


For  the words “Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Weight Gain”: 22, 2000


Number of countries represented by all presenters: 12


Other than the U.S: 11


Number of presentations that are research projects: 60


Workshops: 7


Posters: 17


Plenaries: 4


Performance Pieces: 2


Poetry Slams: 1


Number of scholarship requests made by conference attendees: 39


In 2011: 6


Number of presentations focused on MENOPAUSE: 13




Number of presentation abstracts that mention the words LIBERATE, FREEDOM, JUSTICE or CHALLENGE: 18


That mention the words SHAME, SUFFER and PAIN: 15


Red Riding Hood: 1


The film Carrie: 1


Pharmaceuticals: 4


Education: 10


Gender, Men, Women, and/or Girls, : 133


Number of Days Before the Conference: 24


Days left until you can register: 24 (you can register on site)

Years you will have to wait for the next SMCR conference : 2


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