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Period +

January 23rd, 2013 by Elizabeth Kissling

In keeping with the theme of Chris’ Monday post about antidotes to feminist fatigue, I offer vlogger (that’s short for video blogger to those of you who live most of your lives off-line) Laci Green’s newest video, which is about being Period Positive.

Ms. Green also recently posted a take-down of so-called “empowering” femcare ads at her Tumblr site, noting that “when you take a closer look, these images hold the same negative attitudes about menstruation that we see throughout history. These ads subtly, but effectively, communicate that menstruation is embarrassing, gross, and needs to be made “invisible”, that it is a defect you need to “smack down” or defeat, that periods are inconvenient and uncomfortable for men” [emphasis in original].

So take heart, weary feminists, especially re:Cycling readers and other period-positive ladies! You’re not a lone voice crying out in the wilderness.

2 responses to “Period +”

  1. Susan says:

    I understand where you come from, BUT, I disagree with some of your statements. Menstruation is definitely not disgusting, shameful or any of the other terms you referred to. In comparisson with women that I speak with, it is the MANAGEMENT of menstruation, that they wish to improve. They wish to manage menstruation in a healthy manner. You cannot deny that practical implication of, for example, presenting a seminar and starting your period, or experiencing leakage is not desirable …. not because it freaks anyone out, but definitely because it creates some disruption and inconvenience to the women …. not, NOT inconvenient for menstruation, but inconvenient for continuing with your presentation or where we are in the process of LIVING, in the process of daily activities. Should you not agree with this, then, at least, acknowledge that there are millions of women who choose to manage their menstruation in other ways that what you prefer personally, AND that they do not read any kind of discriminatory messages in the use or advertising of a particular product.

  2. Chris Bobel says:

    ahhhhhhh. yes. Thank you Laci Green..(I recently became a fan and now this! WOW! ).and thanks Liz Kissling for posting. I esp love Green’s take on what period positive means—you don’t have to love it; you just don’t HAVE to be ashamed of it Yeah. That’s a bare minimum, but I will take it. Imagine the power we could harness in our selves and in our world if we shed even just a tiny bit of body-based shamed each day. Breathtaking to imagine, really.

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