There is no end to the variety of ways that men find to express their fascination  fear, discomfort, attraction, or repulsion when it comes to any aspect of the menstrual cycle.  Take, for instance, the bizarre annual event hosted by the DJ’s at a San Diego radio station known as Rock 105.3.

Billed as the Pregnant Bikini Pageant, it constitutes a crude parody of the Miss America show (which is by now pretty much a self-parody) in which pregnant women display themselves in scanty bikinis before a cat-calling, cheering audience.  After the women have all been introduced and interviewed briefly, the crowd selects one who is crowned “Missed Period of the Year.”  The promotional tag line for the event is, “Meet the Lovely Lactating Ladies of Rock 105.3.”

Just as it has long been required for women to hide any sign of their menstrual processes, they have also been historically required to hide signs of pregnancy as well.  However, this smarmy, leering event passes itself off as a celebration of women’s beauty “even” while pregnant, and the participating women appear to revel in the attention.  Is this the dark side of “progress?”

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