• Bodyform’s response to ‘Richard’ in the form of the video at right has been getting a lot of play — I’ve lost track of how many times it’s been sent to me. We’ll have more to say about it on Monday, with celebrity period blogger, Chella Quint.
  • The Atlantic published a summary of a new review of studies of PMS with prospective data of moods from Gender Medicine. The researchers concluded that the articles, in aggregate, “failed to provide clear evidence in support of the existence of a specific premenstrual negative mood syndrome.” We’ll have more to say about this next week as well.
  • Remember when everyone was panicking that the HPV vaccine would induce wild promiscuity in teen girls? A new study has found that the HPV vaccines have no effect on the likelihood of girls becoming sexually active. Now that the vaccine is recommended for boys as well, we’re still waiting for the public outcry about how it will encourage them to want to have sex . . .
  • In other news about Gardasil, the vaccine has been reported to be the cause of infertility in a 16-year-old three years after menarche.
  • A report about women in China switching from disposable pads to re-usable cloth pads cites a presentation at the Pittsburgh meeting of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. (We are everywhere!)
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