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Menstrual Huts, Metaforms, Movies, and More Weekend Links

June 16th, 2012 by Elizabeth Kissling

One response to “Menstrual Huts, Metaforms, Movies, and More Weekend Links”

  1. Paula Derry says:

    According to the abstract of Strassman and co-authors’ article “We show that the indigenous religion [of the Dogon people] enables males to achieve a significantly lower probability of cuckoldry (1.3% versus 2.9%) compared with Dogon followers of nonindigenous religions (Christianity and Islam).” As reported in supplemental material, in a further analysis restricted to males born after 1930 (i.e., after the advent of religious conversions) the odds of nonpaternity in the Christians was five times higher than in followers of the indigenous religion, but the Muslims did not differ from the indigenous group. This analysis was based on 1,317 father–son pairs, including 24 nonpaternity events. In either analysis, cuckoldry seemed to be a pretty rare event no matter what your religion, seemed to happen to the same man only once, and, in addition, I imagine there were many cultural changes occurring coincident with the religious changes and many cultural differences between the groups.

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