Am I losing friends when I post menstrual cycle stuff on my Facebook page?

I wonder about that.

Actually, I worry about that. But I post anyway.

When someone “likes” a cycle post, every cell in my body tingles with glee, and sighs a little relief.

The other day, a particularly good post (that I learned about on Liz’s Weekend Links, written by Yashar Ali, “If Men Had Periods, Women Would Know All About It”) prompted a friend of mine to initiate a pre-yoga class period talk; we talked about the article – her thoughts on it and her boyfriend’s, and then she told me that she’d started using the Diva Cup. She liked it better than tampons, and was so happy to use a product that was not adding waste to the environment, and  and  and …how come she didn’t already know about this!!

Yeah. I know.

I’ve thought about this many times —

  1. how we don’t talk to each other as much as we could about body stuff in general, and cycle stuff in particular, because we’re embarrassed or ashamed…and how life-changing just getting to ask a question can be
  2. how information isn’t easy to find or understand, and so most of us are just not body literate…and what a difference to our quality of life increasing our body literacy would bring us
  3. as would menstrual products that fit well into our lifestyles, are good for our bodies and the environment improve our lives…and yet most of us don’t know what our options are or expect to have a say in them

I was thinking about that, all that, again, thinking…and then I realized that it was time. Time to take a significant step forward into that space that I worry about, where you can see me and hear what I’m thinking about. Time for me to choose among these three menstrual cycle subjects:

  1. stuff about our bodies we don’t talk about
  2. body literacy
  3. products

and to commit to exploring and writing about one of them for the next year.

Ok. I’m in. (eek)


I can’t decide on which one (a lifelong condition – I find everything to be interesting!) — so I’m asking you to choose for me.

Vote in the comments, or email me if you want privacy. In addition to your vote, I’d love to hear what prompts your choice, if there is anything in particular you’d like to read about, to better understand it, or change it, improve it… I will keep that in mind as I go forward.

Let’s say I’ll start on Feb. 29th, and you have until then to vote. In March, you can read my first installment in this to-be-named series here at Re: cycling.

Totally posting this on my Facebook page!



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