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Advertise Your Period Dot Com

February 15th, 2012 by Elizabeth Kissling

Today, in vintage femcare advertising, we bring you Tampax’s idea of menstrual shaming, 1990s style:


But Tampax doesn’t understand menstruation as well as they think they do. Sure, it might be a little tiresome to have a Mariachi band follow you around everywhere for most of a week, but as I’ve indicated before, I love the idea of a musical celebration of my monthly miracle.

7 responses to “Advertise Your Period Dot Com”

  1. Laura Wershler says:

    I love this, Liz. Sadly, doesn’t exist. I always thought wearing red-beaded jewelry, like coiled bracelets on each wrist, would be a great way to say, “I’m having my period.”

    Speaking of FemCare advertising, I just saw a new Always Infinity pad ad in the March issue of Seventeen that kind of has me shaking my head. I’ll send you a photo of it, but here’s the gist. Flowery, multi-coloured script in the shape of a sleeveless, full-skirted dress reads:

    “Dear Period, You thought you could embarrass me, or keep me from wearing cute dresses. But quess what? I’m pretty darn awesome and I’ll wear whatever I want. You don’t own me.Lols xoxo”

    Love to hear what you, Mindy and others might have to say about this one.

  2. Menstrual Monday says:

    Oh c’mon, they’re wearing red scarves at the neck, that’s a menses-friendly mariachi band, in my book :)

  3. Chella Quint says:

    Laura I reckon that one should say:

    “Dear Always,
    You thought you could embarrass me by anthropomorphically personifying my period into the perpetrator of my shame, and persuade me to buy your product so I could wear cute dresses. But guess what? I can wear cute dresses anyway. I’m pretty darn awesome at media literacy so I’ll see the hidden message in your ad and wear whatever I want. If I leak, I leak. It’s not the end of the world. My menstrual cycle is a part of me and you can’t manipulate me into objectifying it as an external entity separate to or in opposition of my sense of self. You’re trying to own me.
    P.S. Writing ‘LOLS’ is so last year.”

    Scan it and I’ll mess around in photoshop? I’d love to put it in the next issue of the zine.

  4. Chella Quint says:

    I’d do a guest post too, if you like, Liz.

  5. Laura Wershler says:

    Well, you nailed it. I’ll try to figure out how to use my scanner and send it to you.

  6. Elizabeth Kissling says:

    Absolutely, Chella! I’m counting on it.

  7. Chella Quint says:

    Thanks, both! I’ve seen the ad now. That is a sharpies, notebook and sunny afternoon job. Hooray for leaving photoshop at home for once! 😀

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