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Why Women Menstruate, Yeast Infection Myths, and Other Weekend Links

December 31st, 2011 by Elizabeth Kissling

3 responses to “Why Women Menstruate, Yeast Infection Myths, and Other Weekend Links”

  1. Laura Wershler says:

    Liz, Your title grabbed my attention this week, and, wow, what a collection of great pieces about blood, periods, vaginas and the Pill wars. Has anyone read the comments on Grigg-Spall’s f-bomb post? Ouch! Hang in there, Holly. Thanks for some great end of the year reading.

  2. HeatherD says:

    Related to your link to the blog entry on yeast infections- Someone HAS to do more research on yeast infections over the reproductive life course. Just the blog entry and comments on it show how we have no definitive info on yeast infections and how maddening that is for individual women. Neither doctors nor women know why they occur or how to prevent. It makes no sense to me that we can’t find out more info, and also why they’re more/less likely to occur at different points of the menstrual cycle/reproductive life course.

  3. Normalperiod says:

    Wow! What a reading, thanks! Especially about the myth busting, shame so many of us had to grow up believing myths, or in total darkness about everything regarding menstruation. Some women still do. At least the generation we raise will be more knowledgeable and, hopefully, comfortable.

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