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Menopause in the funny pages

January 6th, 2011 by Elizabeth Kissling

Widely distributed U.S. comic strip “Zits” — the ongoing story of the life and times of 16-year-old Jeremy Duncan — began a storyline about menopause this week. Apparently, Jeremy’s mom has begun experiencing signs of perimenopause. So far, it’s not awful. The humor is based on the unpredictability of hot flashes and Jeremy’s apparent embarrassment at seeing his mother spontaneously remove her blouse.

© 2011 ZITS Partnership

© 2011 ZITS Partnership

It’s open to interpretation, of course, but so far (see yesterday’s strip), it seems to me that we’re invited to laugh at how easily the teenage boy is embarrassed, and to sympathize with the menopausal woman.

2 responses to “Menopause in the funny pages”

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  2. Heather D says:

    What I like is that this is seemingly written about a teaching moment, or a random conversation about menopause – and not one that is extremely negative or positive. The menopausal mom/woman seems indifferent or neutral about talking about it, which I find interesting.

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