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PMS, Chocolate, and Other Stereotypes

November 12th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling

Screen_Shot_of_PSM-SOSThere’s already more than 60 apps on the market for tracking PMS and other aspects of the menstrual cycle, but there always room for one more: Betty Crocker introduced the PMS SOS app this week. In addition to sad stereotypes about gender and how women are ruled by their hormones, this app gives you coupons for discounts on General Mills baking products.

PMS SOS is so over-the-top it’s this week’s deserving prize winner of Bitch magazine’s Douchebag Decree. I really can’t add anything to their remarks but applause.

2 responses to “PMS, Chocolate, and Other Stereotypes”

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  2. Emily says:

    Elizabeth Kissling wrote a blog dated July 20th, 2009 that cited a study suggesting that there is not, in fact, a hormonal link between the menstrual cycle and chocolate cravings. I wonder what Betty would say to that. The Douchebag Decree’s Kelsey Wallace points out that men and women both enjoy chocolate all the time; I personally crave chocolate around the clock with or without my pre-menstrual “disease” that apparently turns me into a horrible monster. Thankfully, with this new app, I can come up with clever apologies for the poor men I so dreadfully harmed.

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