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September 25th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling


  • More evidence that “abortion trauma syndrome” is a political label, not a clinical one: new research finds that teens who have abortions are no more likely to experience depression or self-esteem problems than than those who keep the pregnancy.
  • Jezebel identifies 14 famous merkins (pubic hair wigs).
  • Sociological Images reports an artist developed an installation titled “Menstruation Skateboards” for the Secession Museum in Austria, re-framing menstruation for the purpose of marketing skateboards. Some of the mock ads feature bruised and bloody women with the slogan, “Some girls bleed more than once a month”. And what’s a skateboard company without a clothing line? (See photo at right.)
  • It Gets Better: Technically, this isn’t a women’s health link, but it’s an awesome project. After learning of another gay teen who committed suicide after years of homophobic bullying, Dan Savage and his partner launched this project as online support system for LGBT kids.

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