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Ditch the Disposables

August 24th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling

The lovely ladies of LunaPads have made a sweet little video that explains why you should make the switch from paper products to cloth pads – in less than 90 seconds!

If you’ve already made the switch, this is an easy way to persuade your friends. You can email it, Tweet, share it on Facebook, heck, cue it up on your smartphone and show it to ’em!

4 responses to “Ditch the Disposables”

  1. I’d like to see Ms. magazine do an online fundraiser, to raise money so Lunapads can buy airtime on the Rachel Maddow Show, or the Martha Stewart Show, or something – how about the evening news (remember heavy-rotation “purple pill” ads?).

    This way you get twice the publicity – first for the fundraising effort, and second for it appearing on TV – have disposable menstrual products ever been advertised on TV? Maybe with the Internet it’s a not-so-big deal…but I’d still like to see it on TV. Maybe on the Jersey Shore? MTV?

  2. Well, of course, if Lunapads would want such a fundraising effort in the first place :)

  3. Heather D says:

    Having small kids (one of whom is still in diapers), it’s amazing to me how normal it is for moms to talk openly and make people feel badly about using disposable diapers but how foreign this still is…

  4. Perhaps one of the reasons it’s still so foreign, relates to something I’ve noticed on SCMR blog – that is, it seems like those “awful” or “insulting” ads put out by major tampon and pad manufacturers, get more comments, than something affirming or likeable or appealing, like this ad…that is, it’s more fun to invest emotional and intellectual energy in the offerings of global corporations, than invest a similar amount of energy in “catapaulting” or “leveraging,” or whatever the word is, the efforts of smaller companies doing good work…but oh yeah, that’s activism right?

    Still haven’t heard any convincing explanations as to why some *potential research interests and efforts* fall off into the abyss (economic and otherwise) of mere “activism…”

    It kind of reminds me how in poetry, there’s this binary of “academic poetry” versus “spoken word/slam poetry” – I don’t teach at a university…yet, I’m not really a spoken word or slam poet either…so what am I?

    Is “menstrual activist” just sort of a catchall category for anyone who doesn’t teach at a university, regardless of what they’re doing? Sort of like “spoken word/slam poet” is?

    I know I’m going off on an overly-personal (perdaughteral, yeah, I like that madeup word a lot) tangent: But I have to wonder: Why do I keep ending up in the abyss…and not only that, the “wrong” abyss? Why do I feel binaried out of existance?

    *end of overly-perdaughteral tangent – but maybe some menstrual artist out there can relate*

    (these *’s are kind of fun!)

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