Weekend Links

The abundance of recommendations for this week makes up for the sparseness of last week’s list! Linda Falcao of Moms Rising publishes the letter she didn’t send to Wells Fargo, when they demanded a status report of uterine contents before issuing a mortgage. Robin Marty reports on a Utah state legislator’s proposal to save money by deny epidurals for any...
How to Ask for a Raise

How to Ask for a Raise

Step 1: Wash your vulva. Yep, you’re a lady, so step 1 in asking your boss for a raise is washing your ladyparts with special ladysoap. It’s not until step 8 that we get around to “focus on things you’ve done for the company’s bottom line”. (Actual advertisement from actual ladymag.) [via Trixie Films] ETA 08/27/2010: Via the always-awesome...

Ditch the Disposables

The lovely ladies of LunaPads have made a sweet little video that explains why you should make the switch from paper products to cloth pads – in less than 90 seconds! If you’ve already made the switch, this is an easy way to persuade your friends. You can email it, Tweet, share it on Facebook, heck, cue it up on...
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