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Saturday Surfing

July 17th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling

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4 responses to “Saturday Surfing”

  1. Lee says:

    On Twattoos: I’m still undecided on whether I should be outraged or amused. SO CONFUUUUSED.

  2. Elizabeth Kissling says:

    Lee, I’m not as troubled by the twattoo as I am by vajazzling or the marketing of labia dye to women.

    I am, however, deeply disturbed by the knowledge that anyone would choose to tattoo an image of Tommy Chong anywhere on her body.

  3. I find myself in the awkward position of thanking you for the link to my blog and saying that there is a lot of erroneous information (scientific and historic) in the Bitch Magazine review and Hot Pantz itself:

  4. Elizabeth Kissling says:

    I saw your post about the Bitch review of Hot Pantz in my RSS reader this morning, Knitting Clio, and thought I should edit this post to add a link to it. Thanks for beating me to it.

    I admit, I only scanned Hot Pantz, and I was skeptical of some assertions, but I thought it would be of interest to our readership.

    By the way, I’d be happy to cross-post your post here, if you’d like. Or if you’d like to write something specifically for re:Cycling any time, I’d welcome that.

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