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Saturday Surfing: Heat Wave edition

July 10th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling

3 responses to “Saturday Surfing: Heat Wave edition”

  1. Menopause wish list (only one item):

    I wish “menopause” were instead known as “menoend” – because menstrual cycling doesn’t PAUSE, it ENDS (or maybe if there is an afterlife, the postmenopausal female spirit will find herself menstruating in some weird incorporeal way, and that’s why we call it menoPAUSE?) (a vision of “the pearly gates” stained bright red comes to mind)

    And then instead of the clunky verbiage of “going through menopause,” we’d have “menoending” as a verb – I like how the sound of ‘menoend’ suggests wending one’s way through a meadow – or alternatively, could be the name of a cool sci-fi thriller.

    I like what Yoko Ono said, when she turned 50: “I think of the last 50 years as the prelude to my life.”

    [This would be cross posted from Twitter, if that were not beyond my social medial skills at the moment]

    Anyone else have a “menopause wish list?”

  2. Thanks for the link to my post — I appreciate it. Here’s another article on the same subject from RHReality Check:

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