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Advanced Technology Isn’t Always Advanced Medicine

June 17th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling

Panel from Sally Forth cartoon, "About my idea for robot monkeys...."A new report indicates that surgery for endometriosis performed by a robot is less effective than the same procedure performed by a surgeon. The mechanically assisted procedure also took longer to complete. Performing this surgery the traditional way can also help keep hospital costs down.

One response to “Advanced Technology Isn’t Always Advanced Medicine”

  1. Interesting–maybe surgery, period, is not the right idea.
    It carries risks for adhesions, can never totally eliminate the endometrial
    implants that are often small and scattered like buckshot throughout the
    abdominal cavity.
    I think giving high doses of the hormone that suppresses growth of the
    endometrium normally, progesterone, might be a far better idea than cutting
    or even “medical menopause” with drugs.

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