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Pill Protests – It’s About the Environment

May 25th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling
Empty birth control pill packet in the street

Photo by Gnarls Monkey // CC by 2.0

A whole bunch of anti-choice political organizations are co-sponsoring a national protest against birth control pills, but they say it’s not about killing babies or controlling women; it’s all about the environment!

The following is released by the American Life League and the following groups:

WHO: American Life League , Human Life International, Pro-Life Wisconsin, Pharmacists for Life International, Archdiocese of Mobile Respect Life, Operation Rescue, Jill Stanek, Generation Life/Brandi Swindell, Life Education Ministry, Pro-Life Unity, Movement for a Better America, AMEN (Abortion Must End Now), Pro-Life Action of Oregon, Children of God for Life, Expectant Mother Care/Chris Slattery, Mother and Unborn Baby Care, Defenders of the Unborn, California Right to Life Education Fund, Delaware Pro-Life Coalition, Life Guard, Homeschoolers for Life, Focus Pregnancy Center, Central Texas Voices for Life and Dubuque County Right to Life

WHAT: Protest the Pill Day 2010: The Pill Kills the Environment

This year, birth control advocates are celebrating 50 years of decriminalized hormonal contraceptives. American Life League and our co-sponsors don’t think half a century of contaminating our waterways is something to celebrate. Study after study has shown that hormonal estrogen in the water has severely damaged the ecosystem and our health.

Join American Life League and co-sponsors as they launch the largest nationwide protest against the birth control pill.

You know what, American Life League? ALL prescription drugs, not just birth control pills, contaminate our waterways, both through human excretion and production waste. And some of that “hormonal estrogen” is from the hormone supplements taken by middle-aged women. Are you protesting hormone “replacement” therapy, too?

[via Miriam at Feministing]

3 responses to “Pill Protests – It’s About the Environment”

  1. Laura Wershler says:

    Good point, Liz. It infuriates me when the anti-choice bunch use smoke screens like this to push their agenda against birth control, abortion, ECP or anything else that supports reproductive choice. It is opportunism of the worst sort. You don’t see them picketing fertility clinics or harrassing couples who access these services. Nor will they protest the synthetic hormone drugs that middle-aged women take. Nor will you see them highlighting the connection between hormone “replacement” drugs and increased risk of breast cancer as they do the dubious connection between breast cancer and abortion. They are not overly concerned with women’s or the environment’s health. What they care about is one thing and one thing only, to stop abortion.

    With that said, I’m not a huge pill fan myself, for multiple reasons. But damned if I’ll join forces with these anti-choice organizations on this one.

  2. and funny how they find some reason to be against all the other forms of birth control as well.


  3. Lee says:

    ^ I know, right? They’re fooling nobody but themselves.

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