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Is There Hair Down There? In Today’s News about Vulvas

May 4th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling

Two provocative stories about ladybusiness today:

2 responses to “Is There Hair Down There? In Today’s News about Vulvas”

  1. Liberality says:

    Well hell, we SHOULD have hair down there. Are young women SO influenced by porno images of sexuality, and their boyfriend’s desires I suppose, that they are willing to HURT themselves in order to be beauty-y2k compliant? Girls, listen to me: When guys will bare all to please YOU then maybe, just maybe, you should start getting rid of your bush.

    Sorry, but I just gotta rant about this…

  2. nakedthoughts says:

    date a nudist then. the style is bare for both sexes at the moment.

    so yes, some straight men do shavewax/ whatever it all off.

    I look odd next to all of them. hairy legs,big bush and I’m slightly paler…

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