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Menstruation Myths PSA

April 26th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling

Menstruation is DANGEROUS!!!The Jamaica Observer has published a list of menstrual myths, apparently as a public service to its readers. Among the fallacies:

  • Do not go to a funeral and look at the dead while having your period as this will cause your bones to rot.
  • If a menstruating woman cans fruits or vegetables, the fruits will spoil in the can.
  • Dentist visits should not be done during the menses, because fillings put in during this time will fall out.
  • During menstruation a woman should not go hunting as the animals will smell her blood, which will drive them away.

And if you happen to be from New Jersey and of Italian descent, stay away from the tomatoes.

3 responses to “Menstruation Myths PSA”

  1. Jaleesa says:

    This is amazing to read, but even more amazing that some people believe some of these to be true.

    A menstruating woman should not help to produce mayonnaise as it will not come together; it will instead curdle.

    o rly?

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  3. Tracey says:

    It seems like these myths reveal a certain sense of fear and mystery and awe of women. Menstruation is really a symbol of women’s ultimate power: to create/harbor life. It seems that these myths are a way to try to control something which is feared… maybe?

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