In honour of the fabulous Laurie Anderson (whose Delusion performance I will be attending this evening), I wanted to share a link to her song Beautiful Red Dress from the Strange Angels album. It’s full of powerful imagery, and, as always for her, that bit of strange.

Cause the moon is full and look out baby –
I’m at high tide.

I’ve got a beautiful red dress
And you’d look really good
standing beside it..
I’ve got some beautiful new red shoes
and they look so fine
I’ve got a hundred and five fever
and it’s high tide.

And here’s a nice piece of rich poetry about menstrual cyclicity of mood:

Well they say women shouldn’t be the president Cause we go crazy from time to time
Well push my button, baby
Here I come
Yeah, look out, baby
I’m at high tide

I’ve got a beatiful red dress and you’d look really good standing beside it..

I always love the way she plays with words, and she captures both the power and the double-edge of being a menstruating woman, being a woman at all. What can I say, I’m a fan, and looking forward to tonight. I hope you enjoy it.

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