If you watched the Super Bowl this year, you likely saw the new Dodge Charger ad “Man’s Last Stand.” If not, drop what you are doing and watch it right this minute and sound the gender panic alarm!

There’s a crisis!

Masculinity is endangered! The women are taking over!

Men are-day in and day out–emasculated by the nagging, demanding, self-centered women in their lives and their trivial concerns (vampire lust! hairless sinks! fruit for breakfast!  civility toward family members!)

It is so bad out there, apparently, that men need to recapture their manliness by “driving the car (they) want to drive.” (I don’t know what’s more offensive here, women-as-problem or car-as-solution)

The blogosphere and its environs is a-buzz with the work of MacKenzie Fegan who found, in her words, the commercial uh….“oft-putting”. She posted this response.  Not sure I would have chosen the same complaints to highlight, but I did cheer with this dig:

“I will get angry and you will ask if it’s that time of the month.”

Crisis?  If only there were one and that tired old excuse for not taking women seriously was on the way out!

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