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Tampon Crafts: For Any Time of the Month (and Any Time of Year)

December 15th, 2009 by Elizabeth Kissling

Christmas-style lights made from painted tampons.So I heard there are a couple of big holidays this month that involve elaborate (or not-so-elaborate) decoration of one’s home. Perhaps you’re the crafty sort, and would like to make your own holiday decorations; Tampon Crafts is the web site you’ve been looking for!

My personal favorite is the tampon lights pictured at right, but the site also offers instructions to make a tampon menorah, angels, snowflakes, and more. There are seasonal tampon crafts for the entire year.

What a great way to recycle all those extra tampons lying around after you’ve switched to cloth pads and/or menstrual cups!

One response to “Tampon Crafts: For Any Time of the Month (and Any Time of Year)”

  1. meg says:

    I wonder if i could get away with using this in my preschool classroom haha. great idea!

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