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Lost and Found: Search terms at re:Cycling

November 29th, 2009 by Elizabeth Kissling

As anyone with a blog or website can tell you, the referrer logs are fascinating reading.

When we started re:Cycling, I knew that people looking for menstrual porn would find us. (No, we don’t have any.) But I did not predict the interest in celebrities and their periods. Pictures of Dakota Fanning have been download 58 times from this post. The next most popular download is the ad we mocked in this post.

In addition variations on menstruating celebrities and pR0n, here’s a small sample of creative search words and phrases that have brought people to this site:

  • beutiful viagina
  • are men uncomfortable with menstruation
  • vagina artwork
  • the beautiful vulva
  • euphemisms advertising
  • what is the shelf life of maxi pads
  • Don’t blame PMS men
  • menstrual cycle economics
  • whisper for menstruation
  • authors who wrote about menstruation hygiene

ETA: I should note that with the exception of the creative spelling and “shelf life of maxi pads” (I’m pretty sure they last forever), we’ve written about all of these topics!

One response to “Lost and Found: Search terms at re:Cycling”

  1. Meg The Grad-Assistant says:

    A theory on why your ad-download is so popular: here at Big State College, we have a regular assignment in the intro-to-college-writing courses that involves students doing an “Anti-Ad” a-la-Adbusters. Most instructors include a “you can’t just take an ad-busters ad and change the words” clause, so they often look for ads that are being picked apart elsewhere, for, ah… “inspiration.” Although if this is the case, I’d be impressed. Most of our kids end up doing a variant on anti-alcohol messages, because it lets them play with images of booze.

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