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Hello, Women’s eNews Readers!

November 18th, 2009 by Elizabeth Kissling

Welcome to all the new readers visiting us for the first time today, via the lovely story about us at Women’s eNews. Please read, peruse our archives, share the site with your friends, and add your comments. It has been our normal practice to close comment threads after ten days to minimize spam, but we’ve re-activated comments throughout the site. We’re eager to have you join our conversation.

5 responses to “Hello, Women’s eNews Readers!”

  1. littlepitcher says:

    See to it, please, that this URL gets into the hands of tweens in the red states. Too many young girls of all races get no info from their parents and guardians. Had it not been for the Girl Scouts, I would have had my first period entirely uninformed, and probably would have thought I was dying. Thanks for a great blog which is long overdue!

  2. The Cycle Sisters says:

    This website was forwarded to us by a faculty member at our college, St. Mary’s College of California. We, The Cycle Sisters, are a guerilla feminist group on campus, and our first campaign was for menstrual awareness. Our school was not supplying tampons, let alone stocking the dispensers in the bathrooms, so we took action. Thank you for creating this site, and we will be sure to forward it to all our members!

    The Cycle Sisters

  3. Kristen Harte says:

    I’m so glad i saw the info about this blog on women’s enews! I love it! keep up the good work.

  4. I saw the article on Women’s E-News, and Bravo to you! I’ve bookmarked your site. I’m an advocate for women in prison, I live in California right now and I’m 55.

  5. Elizabeth Kissling says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments! We’re happy to have all of you here, and hope you’ll return. We typically have between three and five new posts each week. You can check the site daily, or use the ‘subscribe’ links to the right to add us to your RSS reader or to receive email notices whenever the site is updated.

    Nancy, are there unique menstrual issues for women in prison that we should know about (and perhaps address here)? Feel free to email us.

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