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Works Like Magic

November 2nd, 2009 by Elizabeth Kissling

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Just when you think femcare ads can’t get any sillier . . . the new Always “Infinity” pad promises to “pull its own disappearing act”. Hmm . . . don’t we want pads to STAY where we PUT them?!

Oh, it’s the “fluid” that disappears. (That’s right, fluid. Not blood.) “It’s so amazing it makes fluid seem to POOF! disappear. Just like magic.”

That pad ought to be absorbent – it’s almost as large as an ironing board cover!

Seriously – something’s magic here. Maybe it’s PhotoShop, but that pad is almost as wide as her ribcage. It’s definitely bigger than her head. Do you suppose that P&G uses the same ad agency as Ralph Lauren?

2 responses to “Works Like Magic”

  1. Chella says:


    You nailed it. You need to tour with us.

    And if I admit how much I’m enjoying how period-comedy-loving this blog is getting lately, do you promise the merry japes will continue?


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