bledbook copyThem was fightin’ words.

re:Cycling readers (thanks!) already know about Redbook‘s dimwitted “snub” of the soon-to-be released FLOW: The Cultural History of Menstruation:

You welcome it, bemoan it, or just live with it. However you feel about your period, we’re pretty sure most of you would rather spend your cash on a three- to five-day supply of Ben & Jerry’s than this 250-plus-page tome that teaches you about menstruation in the animal kingdom and the origin of tampons.

Menstrual activists Chella Quint and Sarah Thomasin sprung into comedic action and put together this oh-so-clever response ’cause they know a knee-jerk reaction to the big M when they see it.

Luckily, Redbook readers can and do think for themselves!  Quint remembers her ahead-of-her-time Grandma who knew a thing or two about our favorite topic  IN SPITE of her subscription to a particular ladymag.

Way to give it back, gals!

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