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Dia de los Muertos Cloth Menstrual Pads

October 29th, 2009 by Elizabeth Kissling

diamuertas_padsFor your seasonal pleasure, I bring you cloth menstrual pads decorated with Dia de los Muertos motifs (with thanks to Lisa, one of my Women’s & Gender Studies alumnae). These handmade pads are available at Etsy (of course!), either individually or as a set with several different sizes for your menstruating convenience.

Soft flannel or terrycloth pads are far more comfortable than paper, as well as more economical and better for the environment. If you’re going to use cloth pads, you may as well have some fun with them! CherryRiot, the Etsy seller who makes these beauties, also offers mentrual pads with tattoo themes, cherry blossoms, and other designs, as well as plain red.

2 responses to “Dia de los Muertos Cloth Menstrual Pads”

  1. Lauren Z says:

    There’s also a Canadian company called Lunapads offering a similar product for Canadians who like to buy locally.

    Not as many fun patterns but still worth checking out.

  2. Elizabeth Kissling says:

    Thanks, Lauren.

    We are not in the habit of making brand endorsements here at re:Cycling, as there are lots of great, women-owned companies making reusable cloth pads throughout North America (and surely elsewhere), such as Lunapads and New Moon in Canada, and Glad Rags and Pandora Pads in the US, plus many individuals on

    You can even make your own. We think pretty much any cloth pad is a good pad!

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